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Ok, so I’m just building a MIDI Pedalboard with an arduino. Basically, I can assign any CC to a button. This is what I found out, after I had some issues that brought me here:

Sending CC101 (my HotSwitch CC) with value 127, no matter how very short, triggers the HotSwitch and turns it on. The HotSwitch would engage correctly but went into assign mode (blinking red led) every time. Basically the same as if I was holding down the physical HotSwitch button on the SPACE. That happens, because, if you don’t tell you computer to stop pressing the button, it will still “press” the button, even though the CC has only been sent for a single short instance… computers are dumb, so this weird “you didn’t tell me I could stop, so I just kept going” thing is going on.

But if I send CC101 with value 0 right after, it works like a charm. My code for this looks like this (C++ btw)

MIDI.sendControlChange(101, 127,2);  // send CC101 with value 127 to channel 3
delay(20);                                               // wait 20 milliseconds
MIDI.sendControlChange(101,0,2);       // send CC101 with value 0 to channel3

My FCB1010 couldn’t do it properly, or I couldn’t figure out how. There is a function for tap switches, but I hate programming the FCB1010, so now I’m DIYing my own MidiMonster :):)