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– I’d keep the Broughton. I don’t know that I’d use up one of the Preset slots as an always-on effect.  You might get low enough with EQ Compressor’s parametric, but I think the shelving filters are too high for your purposes, and not as steep.  There are shelving filters in many of the algorithms, but the HP offerings for high pass filters are more effect-y than utility.

– I have an outboard dBX for the grunt work, but you really can’t beat the OmniPressor mode in DynaVerb.  It does a little bit of everything, and then some. There are a few situations where I could use a little more range from the parameters.  Keep in mind that the distortion algos also have auto-level type compression.

– Presets, I’m not sure.  I build my own.  That said, there’s probably a half-dozen or more algorithms capable of envelope filter effects.  The same can be said for 1 octave & 2 octaves below.  There are ways to combine both octaving & envelope filtering, or even add a Mutron III Drive to it all.  Many times within a single slot; all at one time.  For clean octaves, the new Polyphony SIFT algorithm is cutting-edge.

– Pitch tracking, filters, and tone controls.  Synths are tough on the source type.  Huge range.  I can usually compensate using its own filters with a ‘Guitar’ source.  More rarely, I’ll focus it with a Lead setting.  I don’t run a bass through the H90 often enough to speak intelligently about the differences Source Type would make there.