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Home Forums Products Stompboxes Can a H90 replace a BOSS OC5/BOSS RC5? Reply To: Can a H90 replace a BOSS OC5/BOSS RC5?


With the caveat that the ‘tracking’ of any piece of pitch-shifting tech is subject to individual playing style, perception, etc….

The polyphonic tracking in the H90’s Polyphony algo is mind blowing.  The OC-5’s ‘polyphony’ can’t touch the H90.   But as far as I know, Polyphony will always shift the entire range of input signal, and cannot replicate the ‘lowest’ function of the OC-5 (“…the effect applies only to the lowest note of the chord…”).

      Eventide – please correct me if I’m wrong on that…


As for the server/client question re: RC-5…  H90 *can* send MIDI, so…  maybe?