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Home Forums Products Stompboxes Can a H90 replace a BOSS OC5/BOSS RC5? Reply To: Can a H90 replace a BOSS OC5/BOSS RC5?


I spent a lot of time trying to recreate my OC5 sound signature (ignoring the clever filtering that the right hand knob on the OC5 does). Regardless of that feature I found a difference which I couldn’t dial out but I got it good enough to just live with the H90.

The way I describe the difference is that the OC5 has a dry sound that is compulsive for lead work. What does that mean? Well the H90 set up to do the same thing always has a touch of “room” (as in room reverb) in the sound. I tried all the mix controls and got it close but it’s not there. That’s my only minor criticism.

To be fair my Poly Blue also did this so maybe the POG does too. I’ve never owned or even played a POG so maybe that’s what they went after.

The H90 has replaced so much kit on my board so lets not forget just how great this product is.