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The Coyote

Thanks so much for confirming what I was guessing at. I “discovered” the Dynamics slider after writing the last post, and I’ve notated the 20 different rhythms of the Harpeggiator in standard music notation. I am about to notate the 20 patterns of the pitch sequencer. Would other users be interested in these and, if so, where might I post it? Right here, perhaps?

Working with the PitchFactor is definitely a gateway drug to the H90; I expect I’ll be getting an H90 very soon. A couple of suggestions for future upgrades (if not already implemented):
1) Add some contrast to that rhythm graph! The turquoise/black is pushing my squintometer into the red.
2) Allow for user presets. And increase the number of steps. I’ve been working with the Fractal Audio AX8 for the past five-six years, and I love their sequencer: up to 64 editable steps, and the number of steps is editable as well.