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… I am about to notate the 20 patterns of the pitch sequencer …

I’ll mention this because I missed it for so long myself:  That turquoise / black ‘keyboard’ to the left actually scales out an octave above & below the input note (assuming a C input & chromatic scale).  Lines up nicely with the Pitch Sequences.  That should help with the standard notation.

… Would other users be interested in these and, if so, where might I post it? Right here, perhaps?…

I don’t recall what file types are allowed here, but they are limited.  And when I use too many outside links (DropBox) to files / images in a post, it will get flagged as spam & disappear.  Another option might be the Eventide H90 PatchStorage section.  While H90-specific, it applies, as H9 Programs & Lists can be loaded in it.

… A couple of suggestions for future upgrades (if not already implemented …

  I’ll unfortunately report that these H9 ‘page 2’ graphics don’t carry over to H90 Control.  And I’ve read there are no plans to do so.  Yeah, I think those H9 Control pages are spectacular, too.

As for your other sequencer enhancements, those specific types of requests have been floating around since I’ve been here (2013).  HarPeggiator isn’t going to break backward compatibility, but there is hope for a new H90 algorithm with a highly configurable sequencer.

My personal favorite FR (also since 2013):  scale-constrained sequencing, combining diatonic harmonizing & SIFT technology with a next-gen HarPeggiator or two.