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Being able to adjust the number of poles is a key component of this algorithm and there are no other filters available that can do this as far as I know.   I’ve experienced no problems with instability with this algo and I am using a LOT of them. I’m not really keen to re-engineer the entire algorithm if there is no drop in replacement. This thing was a lot of hours of work….

This is basically a highly specialized Shepard filter bank I created a few years ago.  I think it’s something like 64 filters running.  The only problems it causes is if I set them all to 6 pole and then depending on what else is running on that core it literally just brings the H9k to it’s knees. lol

I’m using very extreme volume cutting at the extremes of the frequency ranges to allow the modulating Saw LFO to zip back to it’s starting position, so that may be eliminating any low frequency instability.