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Thanks so much for the responses 🙂

If you’d like to have a program with only one active path, you can add a Mute algo to the other path. If you want to have a program with 2 active paths and mute one of them on the fly without switching to another program, you can map a HotSwitch to the preset’s Out Gain and set it to minimum.

I assume this means only one algorithm for the active channel? There are some cases where I’d like to use both algorithms for the soundscape :/

An alternative to the HotSwitch mapped to output gain: if you have Kill Dry enabled for a preset, it will not pass through any signal when it is bypassed (effectively working as a mute).

My scenario: One electric, one acoustic. I do also have someone play acoustic with me for certain songs. I’d like to “mute” the acoustic for certain patches while my electric uses 2 algorithms on Path 1, and “disable” path 2.

That being said, is your suggestion meaning that as long as I don’t play the acoustic is essentially “mutes”? I’m concerned about stage sound vibing with the sound hole and feeding back 🙂

*This is also may second day with the H90, and so far the YT vids are seriously helpful… except for this lol