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Ernesto’s configuration is excellent.

Another is to treat the amp sim pedals as one stereo insert (the two pedals are wired in series).  To do this, your H90 should be set up to operate in insert mode.  The wiring is basically shown and described in the quick start guide and the manual.  The advantage of this configuration is that, internally to the H90, you can move that stereo insert to almost any point in the H90 signal at any time without physically changing any wired connections.  Also, your whole signal chain will be in stereo.

A third configuration is to treat these two pedals as two separate mono inserts.  Again, please see the quick start guide for wiring details.  The downside is that your whole signal chain will not be in stereo.  The upside is that the two mono inserts can be controlled within the H90 itself.  In addition to moving the inserts around as desired, this will allow the H90 to turn the two inserts on and off as desired.  So, for example, you could leave both amp sim pedals on and effectively use an aux switch to turn the Dream and an H90 delay off and also turn the Ruby and an H90 reverb on.  That same aux switch can also switch things back again.

Good luck.