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Pedro wu

Hi~I’ve currently adjusted my pedalboard,

The signal chain for this pedalboard is as shown in the diagram: mainly at the CAB SIM end, I’ve connected two UA CAB SIMs in series, and then it goes stereo into the H90. MICRO COSM enters the H90’s FX LOOP (STEREO).

My idea is that since this pedalboard is mainly for live performances, I might need to consider not only sending a STEREO output to the PA but also possibly connecting it to a live guitar amp (RETURN/MONO). In that case, I will turn off the CAB SIM function for DREAM and RUBY. DREAM and RUBY will be my core tones, and their dynamics are really fantastic.

H90 mainly handles modulation/delay/reverb, while MICRO COSM will run in parallel with the H90’s effects, mainly to add some interesting textures.

I’m curious if anyone has any thoughts or suggestions regarding this configuration. Lastly, I’m also looking for a DI or similar product that can meet my output needs, so please provide any advice in that regard. Thank you!