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That’s puzzling. Now I’m thinking a clogged MIDI pipeline, somehow.  That Morningstar is capable of sending massive amounts of data downstream, and well … it’s all through a serial transmission.

A couple quick questions:

  • Do you have OMNI ON in the H90, or receiving on a single MIDI Channel?
  • How are you rigged up MIDI-wise?  Lots of daisy-chaining IN->THRU, any THRU boxes, maybe vintage MIDI boxes anywhere?
  • It’s difficult to diagnose MIDI issues remotely, but some idea of your entire rig might help.

I also have an MC-6 Pro, but I’m using an S/A Reflex through it. I find it has a smoother sweep with the finer resolution. My EV-5s hook up directly to the H90s.

One of the EV-5s is a little flaky for consistently getting a full range.  Let me try the more reliable one in your MIDI configuration, and see what I come up with.

For comparison’s sake, try your EV-5 straight into the H90, and we’ll swap some notes later on.