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I’ve used a similar process to Tyler here: laptop being the go-between.

  • USB UltraTap to the Eventide Device Manager for preset management and some PC testing.
  • USB switched over to the MB3 / UltraTap with the online editor for CC & PC configuration, but untethered from USB for back to the pedalboard.
  • Here’s where I would rely on the Multijack config I mentioned above for control, though.

I’ve since replaced it on the ‘board with an MC6 Pro, with the MB3 relegated to being a testing device at home.  But I want to make a point about using it as a MIDI Host.

I never did confirm this 100%, but I’m thinking you’re going to need the gHOST Adapter (or similar) if you want to use the MB3 direct.

It seems like it would work just fine, but I was a little reluctant at the time, looking at D/As list of supported manufacturers & devices.  Not a huge outlay, but I was also juggling a lot of TYPE A / TYPE B / DIN issues then, too.

It might be worth dropping a line to Disaster Area’s CS, just to put your mind at ease.  I’ve found them to be very responsive to any kind of question or issue.