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One other thing to note if you are creating/editing programs with the H90 control and have your H90 by your side.  And I too have repeatedly made this mistake:

Largely, the H90 will only remember changes to the various hotswitch settings (including ranges) if you enter the PARAMETER EDIT MODE using the buttons in the bottom right of the screen and then enter/change settings with your mouse or keyboard.  If you press the hotswitches on the H90 itself and then enter/change data, of will not be saved because you have left the PARAMETER EDIT MODE.  Restated, you must select the different hotswitches in bottom right of the screen, then enter data, and then save.  I have made this mistake many times because it is so easy to press a footswitch on my H90 right next to me but that takes me out of PARAMETER EDIT MODE and subsequent changes will not be saved.

Hope that helps.