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Thank you for your reply. Sorry, save a Program. I can’t reproduce it, as I did a Recovery for the second time within 30 days because I had the same issue. I know about the 3-dot icon to “Save to Library” But usually, the name of the Program will stay after I change it. And the (*) will disappear when I press Save in the up-right corner. In my case, I could neither change the name nor Save (the * will remain) and my modification on preset will not be saved either. I used the power plug from Eventide from day one. I had another problem, before this one 3 days ago. No sound was coming out from the out 3 in Dual mode at a sound check. I was using this setting every day for a couple of days. It took me 40 minutes to check all the cables of my pedals to finally unplug the H90 and it worked again. How can I use with confidence this pedal for a job? I contacted the support team and told me that if it happened again, Tell the details. I do not wish that to happen again, I wanted to use this pedal, but I plan to sell it. As I mentioned before this pedal makes me spend too much time to let it work. This problem indicates a recurring challenge in the saving process, disrupting the user experience. Seeking assistance from technical support or exploring online resources for solutions is advisable. For students facing challenges in their academic tasks, https://edubirdie.com/research-paper-help is a platform offering research paper help services. Just as technical issues require expert assistance, academic support services ensure students receive the necessary help to overcome challenges in their studies.

thanks for the detailed answer