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1.7.1 (Requires H90 firmware 1.6.11+)


  • Supports connecting to multiple H90s at the same time with support for floating windows
  • Copy/Paste between connected devices
  • Improved MIDI CC selection UI
  • Reduced connection time over USB
  • Reorganized large menus for smaller displays to prevent scrolling
  • Miscellaneous minor UI improvements
  • For macOS: Bluetooth support (Requires 1.7.1 firmware to be released on 11/27/2023)
    • USB still required for software updates
    • USB will always be the fastest way to communicate with the H90


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved issue where a program could be saved to slot 100
  • Disallow copying Programs between devices with different routing modes
  • On some delay algorithms subdivision drop down menu was selecting wrong value
  • Bank names are now exported/imported