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H90 Release 1.6.11

Upgrading H90 Control to version 1.7.1 is recommended before installing this update

This release contains a brand new algorithm called PolySynth along with miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

New Algorithm – PolySynth

A fully polyphonic Guitar to Synth transformer, based on the same new SIFT technology found in the Polyphony, Prism Shift, and PolyFlex algorithms, and building on the earlier, monophonic HotSawz algorithm

  • Up to 3 voices of synth tone, multiple modulation options, and envelope control of the filter cutoff
  • Spread and Detune to create massively wide and thick sounds
  • Adjustable attack time for ultimate playability or extra large swells
  • ‘Freeze’ performance parameters to create infinitely sustaining synth sounds


  • This release contains multiple internal firmware updates – the first reboot after installation will take a while as the firmware is updating