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Eventide Staff

Thanks for sending those screenshots – we’re mostly looking for the file sizes to make sure they seem correct after the update.  If you notice any files with 0 size, that could indicate a problem.

The next thing to check are your Mac’s security settings — access to Removable Volumes is required for H90 Control’s update process to work.  You can check this in System Settings > Privacy & Security > Files and Folders, and make sure Removable Volumes is turned on for H90 Control (see attached screenshot).  If this was not enabled previously, re-try the software update in Recovery Mode after enabling it.

One final thing to try (if the previous step fails) is to clear all the files off the H90 Pedal’s mounted drive in Finder (move to Trash).  Next, empty your computer’s Trash.  Then, re-try the software update in Recovery Mode.

Let us know if any of the above helps.

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