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As always, I appreciate your thoughts Brock.

I read up on the through zero flanger jumper trick and there is actually an H90 program for that on PatchStorage. It’s clever but that seems to interfere with my amp sim insert.  Plus, I’m not that ambitious! LOL  Maybe I’ll mention that in the PatchStorage notes.

I have toyed with Mod Delay using inverted modulation but I’ll try it again in light of your panner comment which is new to me.

It’s clear there is no single preset-pair that will cover the DECO’s tonal range so I’m trying to assemble a list of programs that comes close.  That’s a little like providing a DECO with preset capabilities.  It might turn out that some of those programs use Tape Delay while others use Mod Delay or TriceraChorus. I think that’s legit.