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… I read up on the through zero flanger jumper trick and there is actually an H90 program for that on PatchStorage…

I might have a passing familiarity with that Program, if it’s what I’m thinking.

It’s clear there is no single preset-pair that will cover the DECO’s tonal range so I’m trying to assemble a list of programs that comes close. That’s a little like providing a DECO with preset capabilities. It might turn out that some of those programs use Tape Delay while others use Mod Delay or TriceraChorus. I think that’s legit.

More than legit.  What you’re attempting is to recreate a completely different set of components made by another design team.  If it’s close, you’re effectively molding the H90 into another pedal, through sheer force of will, creativity, and programming skills.  Of course it’s going to take a few different algorithms and Presets / Programs.  That doesn’t diminish the achievement.  It’s about the results.