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Eventide Staff

Hello Lex,

Thanks for posting and sorry for the confusion with your stomp boxes. I’d suggest taking a simpler approach to your troubleshooting, no need wire up any external pots or break out the multimeter for this.

I’ve just connected a stereo synth to the inputs of my TimeFactor and I am monitoring the input gain levels using H9 Control. If I turn down the left side of the synth, the left input meter on the TimeFactor goes down, and vice versa for the right channels. This quick test leads me to believe this is working correctly.

I would not suggest using a Y-Cable with a Space/Factor pedal unless it is a TRS splitter cable and your source has a stereo TRS output. If the Looper has a mono send, you should connect to the input of the Space/Factor pedal in mono, the processing and output of the pedal will still be in stereo if desired.

What happens if you connect your guitar directly to one of the stereo pedals, and the stereo output of that pedal feeds the Eventide pedal?

Are you noticing anything incorrect about how the audio sounds, or are all these test just visually looking at the input meters in the app?