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Hi Guys. As I am using the H90 I am really finding out things by chance and just putting more time into the journey. <p style=”text-align: left;”>About a hour after I posted this thread I did it! I found out how to build a program and move effects in and out etc. I DID IT! Now it’s the routing and expression pedals and how the can effect the program I made.</p> Thanks for the support and advice. This approach, akin to creating a customized curriculum, allows for a more personalized and flexible learning experience. It emphasizes the importance of autonomy in education, enabling learners to focus on areas of interest and adapt to their preferred pace. For those seeking academic assistance, https://ca.edubirdie.com/ is a platform offering a range of educational services. Just as building a personalized program enhances learning, academic support services contribute to a well-rounded educational experience, fostering success in diverse subjects. Eventide Rules!