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I believe I’m having the same issue with the latest updates (Bluetooth etc.).  Have a Strymon Dig in stereo loop:  Signal path is

guitar -> h90 input 1 ->     H90 outputs 3&4 UA amp sim -> to Dig, dig outputs to h90 inputs 3 & 4, h90 outputs 1&2 -> …

Have a variety of patches with stereo insert , either series pre A, series mid.  IIRC I was having similar issues with parallel routing too, but definitely unexpected behavior in the series pre A configuration as detailed below.

1. Programs with the stereo insert pre A:
When both effects are engaged only one side of the ping pong delay can be heard and its panned center.  When A is bypassed and B engaged, the series ping pong mode functions properly.

2.  Programs with stereo insert mid:  Everything works as expected

So there is definitely something going on with stereo insert behavior when placed Series Pre A, as engaging/bypassing A changes what’s going on with the insert.

Going to experiment with whether using an LS-2 to split from guitar into both H90 inputs 1 and 2 will be a workaround, but curious as to whether OP and I are misunderstanding something or if others are having same issue.