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Thx for the clarification!

I guess what I meant was not PERFORM mode but “Banks mode that is used in a Perform/live-setting” using your feet to select banks/programs. It’s maybe confusing that all 3 Footswitches have the SAME function in single click (choosing the right PROGRAM within a bank) but different functions when you HOLD them (go to first bank vs. go to previous/next bank).

Idea: what if you could opt to set this “HOLD-P Switch” in BANK mode to have the same function as the “HOLD-Preset Button”? Ie you would go to the Preset Mode for the selected PRESET? Press-and-Hold again would get you back to BANK mode again…

This way you can navigate Banks, programs AND presets just by using the 3 foot switches!?

But hey, I just got this thing a few weeks so don’t shoot me if I say something stupid… 😉