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PolySynth is a good route to take, but don’t give up on UltraTap (or DynaVerb) just yet.  Here’s a little “test” Program I just put together:


UltraTap & DynaVerb in parallel.  You can bypass either one in the Performance Switches, or dial the (P) Hotknob to 0 OR 100.

Everyone’s playing style and system specifics are different.  So the critical adjustments will be:

  • The threshold level where the swell will be triggered.
  • The time it will take to swell to full volume.
  • How long it will take to release that for the next swell trigger.

I mapped the other two HotKnobs to some of those parameters, to make it easier to adjust.

  • (A) HotKnob – UltraTap (Chop) Swell sensitivity & Rise time
  • (B) HotKnob – DynaVerb Threshold level & Release time

I added a few bells ‘n’ whistles to experiment with (expression pedal swells, HotSwitch options for simulating ensemble swells, using diffusion & reverb).