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Thanks Joe,

I use a Morningstar MC6Pro MIDI Controller together with Bandhelper on my Samsung Tablet and a Roland UM1 USB to MIDI converter.  As I only have six buttons on each Page of the MC6Pro (2-3 switches are for H90 Guitar Effects in combination with my MIDI amp channel switching, and yes I run also Light Effects as well (blinder/blackout/strobe etc), but thats another story!).

For specific songs that require it, I dedicate one of the six switches to Harmony. I hoped to have Bandhelper load the Bank preset into MC6Pro with the H9 Preset I use for a specific song and then have the Harmony button overide the H9 preset momentarily with a Harmony preset (releasing the button to return to the H9 prest originally loaded with the Bank/Song. I dont think thats possible using Bandhelper loading the H9 preset as the H9 somehow needs an additional instruction to reload the song preset after engaging the harmony preset..

So far the easiest way I think is to dedicate a MC6Pro bank to a specific song (So, song bank selected at Bandhelper, not H9 Preset) that needs harmony, so on loading the MC6Pro bank, it loads the H9 song preset, and then I use the Harmony switch as a “Press to engage PC Harmony preset“, and “Release to return to/rengage the PC Song H9 preset“.