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I haven’t gone into your level of detail, but it is a great way to find those “happy accidents”.  I can’t tell you how many times I set out to program an idea, and ended up in a completely different direction.  Or 4 variations on the same theme.  It’s a testament to the H90’s versatility (or a prime indicator of my drifting focus).

Yes, Swap A & B can be trivial, but consider the habits & “rules” we find ourselves following: Pitch detection always goes first, reverb is always last in the signal chain, etc.  Swap A & B is an easy way to audition unusual possibilities.  Then you can end up with out-of-the-box combinations, like WormHole into PolySynth:


Another tactic I’ve been obsessed with here lately is two similar Parallel effects, setting up the Mix parameters as a crossfader.  That way, you can blend between the 2 FX, and virtually create a third one. I’ve nearly filled up an entire Preset List using that single concept, and I’m not close to running out of possibilities yet.