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I’m not well-versed enough with the first two to offer any comment.  For the third, I believe you mean the new Poly Effects Verbs pedal, as opposed to the (shorter IR) reverbs in the Beebo / Hector.  I have the latter, along with ITB alternatives.

It’s important to differentiate between algorithmic & convolution reverbs. In general. I find the algorithmic reverbs (H9, H90, even Beebo algo-verbs) to be more immediate & configurable, with the added ability to create unusual spaces.  They can be many reverbs-in-one.

With convolution, the focus is often on “natural” spaces, and it does that very well.  It can really feel like you’re in that IR space, enveloped by the reflections.  The variations come with loading up completely different IR.  And yes, that can be a natural environment, or something completely off-the-wall (no pun intended).  The Verbs pedal seems very versatile in that regard.

So, between the H9 & Poly Effects, anyway, it’s different strokes. “Improved” is going to be subjective, of course.  But to be honest, the hardware surrounding the H90 has given me a renewed appreciation for the H9 reverbs, based on the same coding.