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I wouldn’t call it more pleasing.  Just a different set of tools.  For lack of a better term, more ‘realistic’ in the Beebo convolution reverbs, capturing an actual environment.  The Beebo is limited to 3.5 sec IRs, so it is less valuable in my setup than, for example, the Verbs pedal might be. The longer IRs, switchable, and dedicated processing power in Verbs certainly expands on the possibilities.

But again, I think we’re comparing apples / oranges.  BlackHole wouldn’t be a natural sound environment, but you can tweak it down to be more room-like.  Conversely, you could probably load, say, Pool Of The Blackstar in Verbs, and tweak it to come close to BlackHole or WormHole.  But I’m speculating that you’d need to do additional processing externally to get you there.

As an aside, I’ve come very close to my own IR room captures using the more common algorithms (like Hall) in the H9.  There’s just a little something-something-extra in convolution reverbs that I can hear in isolation (and not so much in a mix).  It seems to bring a tangible difference in solo acoustic recordings or passages.