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I plugged TRS into EV-30, then H90. When calibrating the full range it only hits 0 and 100 about half the time (seems to be a standard deviation of up to 3. Regardless of these figures (whether they hit their extremes or just shy of it at the last heel-to-toe sweep during calibration), the Polyphony doesn’t take the full range.

I set the expression control, through the preset parameter menu: start at unison, end at +1oct. At the bottom/heel position, the display reads +2m, but seems to sound like unison, and at toe down position, it reads and sounds like +7M.

If I extend the range to try and compensate it overshoots in both display and sound. Is there a way to babysit the input ranges so I have some extra room on either end to count as all the way down/up?