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I’m not sure what is causing the PatchStorage login issues.  I use it frequently, and I’ve never seen that come up.  Maybe someone else can chime in on that.

Most of the uploads there are individual Programs.  And almost exclusively use Insert Routing (as opposed to Dual Routing).


You haven’t specifically mentioned this, but do you have the H90 Control app download installed on your computer?  It’s going to make life easier with file management.

The one you’re focusing on is a Program List containing 6 Programs (apalazzolo’s excellent organ patches).  For that, you would go to the bottom left corner of the H90 Control app, and you’ll see 5 small icons.

Hover over the middle one of five, and you will see Import List.  Click on it, and select Import List (not Import H9 List).  Navigate to your download location from PatchStorage, and select the file.  You will have the opportunity to name the new List.  Now it’s in your H90.

Program Lists contain up to 99 Programs.  There are only a handful of those at PatchStorage, and are labeled as such in the descriptions.  The file extension will be *.lst90, and you can store “unlimited” Lists in your H90.

Single Programs have a file extension of *.pgm90, and that’s the majority of the downloads at PatchStorage.  The easiest way to add that is to right-click on an INIT Program in H90 Control.

You can Import into any Program List, except the Factory List.  User 1 is a duplicate of the Factory List that can be overwritten.  But User List 2, 3, 4 are all blank INIT Programs.  You can also create a New List (1st icon of 5, as described above in H90 Control).

Once you’ve found a spot, right-click on any INIT Program, and select Import Program.  Then navigate to where you downloaded any PatchStorage Programs.

It’s actually very easy after you’ve done it a few times.  Let me know if you get stuck along the way.  I’m not in a place to do H90 Control screenshots right now, but I can flesh out the procedures with visuals, if need be.