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…that sounds great. Please consider to have it the other way round as an option… toe position… The example of a an open lowpass filter … you “open” your sound and want it to be gone completely when the filter is open – for my feeling same with a Wah-Effect. But it should be an option… I guess… not a standard. I would look for it in the general tab in the app where you can find the “on/off” for the effect. I understand heel is the option for many different effects like for example an octaver that should be gone completely under 1%. Anyhow, such a great product! Very understandable that you cannot suit every taste and scenario.

Just a thought experiment here:

  • Global could work, except that it might not apply to every algorithm.  Many of the modulation algos substitute an Intensity parameter for the Mix control.  While some of those are indeed dry/wet, many others adjust parameters unrelated to Mix.
  • An Auto Engage toggle in every algorithm (or even selected ones) is going to break backward compatibility.
  • What might work is a pair of toggles next to the recently updated Parameter Mapping sliders.  One for START, and another for END.  (The mind boggles at what might happen when you start inverting START & END).
  • Another consideration is that it might need to be ‘blocked’ from Aux Switch & HotKnob mappings.  Auto Engage mainly applies to expression pedals and MIDI, and more narrowly, to those algorithms with a Manual parameter (and Manual itself).

I’m simply pointing out that – in my mind –  this would be a non-trivial programming exercise, with a lot of things to consider.  Kudos to Eventide if they can pull it off cleanly.  It’s a useful addition, but with limited application.

Myself – if I really couldn’t live without it – I’d go with the EXP / AUX TRS splitter.  Or an separate AUX switch alongside the expression pedal.  (I actually have a satellite ‘board with a large KB sustain pedal on it, for just this type of scenario.  Can’t miss it).  One other possibility is using MIDI & an event processor to split the range of CC values.  And I realize that last one is not a viable solution for most end users.