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To answer question 1, the clock divider options on Misha refer to BPM, where 1 beat equals a quarter note. You have the correct external PPQ setting (1) to match up to your external clock. With this settings, if you set Misha’s clock divider to 1/4, that will make the notes on Misha trigger each time it receives a clock pulse. If you set this to 1/1, it will only trigger a note every 4 clock pulses.

For question 2, the note duration is based off the incoming clock pulses. It is a 1:1. Since, it is playing a note every single pulse, all durations will be equal.
So, Short = Med = Long, will all be one clock pulse. So, the LED never turns off and it only turns the previous note off when changing to the next note.

Perhaps you may find a better solution with your system by using Misha’s internal clock and syncing other devices to Misha. With the latest firmware, you can configure t/g output 3 to output clock pulses.