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Thank you for the response.

You have the correct external PPQ setting (1) to match up to your external clock. With this settings, if you set Misha’s clock divider to 1/4, that will make the notes on Misha trigger each time it receives a clock pulse.

That makes sense and seems to be exactly how it’s working.

My only problem then is the behavior of Misha’s t/g output…

the note duration is based off the incoming clock pulses. It is a 1:1. Since, it is playing a note every single pulse, all durations will be equal. So, Short = Med = Long, will all be one clock pulse. So, the LED never turns off and it only turns the previous note off when changing to the next note.

I don’t 100% follow this.  So with PPQ set to 1 and clock divider at 1/4, the sequence advances every time Misha receives a single clock pulse, but Misha does not output a t/g every time it advances (it just stays high)?  And it’s intended to be this way (the gate is designed to just stay high forever rather than retriggering on each note advance)?  That seems odd.  Is there some utility to that I’m not thinking of?  Please consider this a feature request for future firmware — that Misha send out a trigger/gate every time the sequence advances one note (but not on inserted rests), even when set to 1 PPQ and 1/4 clock division.  As it stands it behaves differently from every other Eurorack module I have, and makes it an oddity to sync with other clocked modules.

Perhaps you may find a better solution with your system by using Misha’s internal clock and syncing other devices to Misha. With the latest firmware, you can configure t/g output 3 to output clock pulses.

I unfortunately can’t do this.  I have Pam’s clocking numerous other modules and don’t want it dependent on an external clock (Misha).  Misha is not the center of the whole system and won’t always be running.