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Certainly, I will make a video and post back here.


One interim question… it’s labelled a “t/g” output, but those are technically different things.  Does Misha make any distinction between a trigger and a gate?  I wonder if my envelop generator module (only one I have tried with Misha so far is TipTop/Buchla 281t) expects only a quick trigger pulse, whereas a gate that stays high for the duration of the note and then only drops low for a tiny moment before going high again is not working to retrigger the envelope.

In other words I wonder if the issue is the difference between…

quick trigger (mostly stays low, briefly goes high):


versus gate (mostly stays high, briefly goes low):



When I make the video I’ll also try sending Misha’s t/g to a different envelope generator module in case that’s the culprit.