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OK, reporting back.  No video needed.  That was indeed the issue.  With PPQ=1 and clock divider = 1/4, when I send Misha’s t/g output to MI Stages envelope generator the envelope fires on every note.  Apparently the TT/Buchla 281t does not detect very short low gate pulses (so behaves as though gate just remains high continuously).

Thanks for your help in solving.

I will preserve my request though… it would be great as a future feature if there were some control of the gate length even with PPQ=1 and cd=1/4.  (Some sequencers even have per step gate length control, but just a global control over gate length or ability to switch to short pulse triggers would be great.). I would think PPQ=1 and cd=1/4 is the most common setting since that’s how Misha plays one note in response to every incoming clock pulse, which is how many (most?) other Eurorack modules behave.

Interestingly, when I look at Misha’s t/g output on my scope with PPQ=1 and cd=1/4 I cannot even see the low gate moment at the end of each note.  On the scope it just looks like a continuous high gate.  (Though as I said, Stages is apparently seeing it.)