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Re my last post:

With poly flex,which is what I should have been using for a whammy effect, the same thing was happening, but you don’t need to set the expression parameters in the preset, it’s built-in. It’s strange that the expression control wouldn’t be represented in the preset parameters, and means augmentation is still limited, but you can plug and play the flex presets in their natural state without touching the expression controls.

Still means that if you want to be able to change your harmony/retuning through polyphony, or do expressive slides in steps (it’s a vibe I guess), you may run into issues until an update corrects it.

Tangentially, I tested the Polyphony and poly flex against my Whammy DT and they sounded almost identical. The H90 sounded higher fidelity (dynamic range was well preserves), but also slightly worse because of it. Basically, the Whammy compresses and probably lightly EQs the signal to obscure some of the jankiness. Haven’t run extensive field tests yet, but various EQ/Comp factory presets (including “fuzz conditioning,” off the top of my head) after it seemed to solve the problem, while retaining the higher fidelity. In the long run I plan to use something external, like a Source Audio Ultrawave, to do that because I want that second slot for other proper H90 FX. You may find that signal processing you already have going on after it resolves the problem on its own, as higher drives compress and may even benefit from a little jankiness, and my guess is that the EQing is to the high end (which any tone control will have some power over).