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Hello marianguitar,

Im assuming you’re using the same algorithm for Preset A & B. If you prefer to continue using the same algorithm on both presets I would create two Programs, one with A active, the other with B active. For this song, I would put the H90 in Bank mode and switch between the two scales with one button press for each scale. Since Perform mode cannot switch both active states in one button press, I feel Bank mode is your only option.

The best option in my opinion, involves using HotSwitches. You can program a Hotswitch to change the scale with one button press. Of course, you would have to enter Perform Mode and have the HotSwitch already assigned to a button. But this way, you don’t even need to use up both slots with the same preset. You could just shift the scale with the Hotswitch and go back with another press. Now, you’ll be able to use slot B for another effect entirely.