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Press the Parameters button to enter the correct menu. Make sure the preset is selected for the parameters you want to map. On the top left of the screen you’ll see P, A, or B. Assuming the Diatonic algorithm is in the A slot, press the parameters button repeatedly until it shows A parameters. Use the select knob to search for the Key and Scale parameters. In this view, the P, A, and B LED buttons correspond to HotSwitch 1, HotSwitch 2, and HotSwitch 3. Let’s say you want to program HotSwitch 3. Press and hold the B LED button until you enter the HotSwitch3 menu. Notice the Key and Scale parameters are “unmapped.” Push down on the quick knobs below each parameter and you’ll notice it maps the current value to Key and Scale. At this point, change these to the other key and scale you want. Once you’re done making assignments, press the Perform knob to exit.

Now, go back into PERFORM mode and assign HS3 to the third footswitch. Every time you press this footswitch, the preset will change to the Key and Scale you’ve assigned. Press it again and it will return to their original values.