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Bert Sleeckx

Hello Tyler,

I ‘ve answered this last friday, on your mail. I’ll do it again.

Here is what I wrote except te pictures and video.

Can you tell me you’ve got it this time?

Thanks, Bert


The problems started about a month ago. Until then no problems with the pitchflex.


Guitar into input1 H90 (dual mode) pichtflex preset A before kemper

H90 output1 into Kemper input.

kemper send to H90 input3

H90 output 3-4  return to kemper.



Footcontroller Gordius big little giant lg-X with 3 expression pedals connected.

My expression pedal for the pitchflex  is Boss Fv500-H

But If I use the 2 other exp pedals; Boss FV500-L and Roland EV-5 the problem is the same.



After calibration; 2 Boss pedals problem is the same

Roland pedal seems to work better (but not via midi)


See video: H90 pitchflex problems 12012024.mov









Van: Eventide Jira <support@eventide.com>
Verzonden: vrijdag 12 januari 2024 21:23
Aan: bert.sleeckx@telenet.be
Onderwerp: AUD-64495 Pitchflex glitches since update 1.6.11



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Tyler Skoglund commented:

Hi Bert,

Sorry, but I am unable to reproduce this using the 1.6.11 software when an expression pedal is connected directly to the H90. The pitchshifting is smooth when I use the expression pedal to control it.

Can you please send another video that shows more of your setup? It would be useful to see the expression pedal, how it is connected, and what parameters you are controlling when you hear the stepping noise.

Also, make sure you are mapping the expression pedal to the “manual shift” parameter when using PitchFlex.

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Best regards,
Jerome Hyman
Audio Support Manager