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You’re welcome. I should have worded my question better. It’d be pretty impressive if you were playing both at once!

What I meant was, is this for a live setup where you will need access to both instruments and do not want to disconnect anything? Or is this for at home/recording where you can reconnect some gear when needed.

If this is for at home/recording, I would suggest plugging in your wind synth to 1-2 when you want to use that, and then disconnecting it and plugging in your horn to 1 when you want to use that. This way, you just have 1 set of Programs.

If this is for live, then you may want to use dual mode, but this will require connecting outputs 1-2 and 3-4 to a mixer or 2 monitor sources. Also, you will need to configure your Programs so sometimes you have Presets on Path 1 for the wind synth, and other times you have Presets on Path 2 for the horn. You may also need to mute the horn path when you aren’t playing it to avoid feedback.

Either path can be mono in > mono out, mono in > stereo out, or stereo in > stereo out depending on what input/output connections you hook up.