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Curious on what you might have tried already.  I would think Tape Echo or Vintage Delay can pull it off easily.  With an expression pedal (if you have one) controlling Feedback, for that runaway effect.  Be careful with bringing Feedback between 100-110.

  • Tape Echo, adding in some Saturation, Wow & Flutter.  Filter to darken it up.
  • Vintage Delay for BBD-style.  Some Bit reduction, some Mod Depth & slower Mod Speed for the wobbling, and again fold in Filter darkening.

In either algorithm, I might use the same BPM equivalent for both Delay times.  That is – for example – use 333 ms. instead of an 1/8th note at 90 BPM.  Then vary that millisecond value a little, for that pitch-shifting-type effect (again, with an expression pedal, HotKnob, or manually).  There are BPM Tempo to Millisecond calculators all over the ‘net.