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… I do want to have MIDI control, but I’m intentionally living within the limits of a small pedalboard, so leaning towards the Tech21 MIDI Mongoose …

That’s a clean option for its size & feature set.  I’m sure you have considered this already, but I just wanted to point something out, if you haven’t: The capability for two CCs (expression over MIDI) frees up the H9 EXP/AUX port for 3 AUX switches.

That’s similar to the route I ended up taking with the H9s.  Sometimes a switch action is a better fit for the target parameters.  Yet I couldn’t live without an expression pedal, and the EXP + 1 AUX hack didn’t cover enough scenarios.

I suppose it would be possible in the Tech 21 to calibrate an AUX switch as an expression pedal, but that would be a maximum of two switches.  I’m not out to convince you either way on AUX switches, but I’m thinking with my Looper hat on.  Small-ish footprint, with a relatively low cost of entry.  I’m banging out a DIY 6-way experiment to see how that gels with an H90 + MIDI.