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Thanks, Brock.

I’m kind of a moving target… doing more research even as I post questions here and elsewhere. 🙂

I’ve put aside the Mongoose as being inexpensive but extremely limited. While I looked at the Rocktron Midimate and the Midi Maeastro, they are really BIG, too big for my modest PedalTrain Metro 20. (I’m keeping things small on purpose.)

Right now the main contenders I have on my short list are the Morningstar MC6 and the Source Audio Soleman. My Sweetwater rep says the reason they no longer carry the Soleman (they sell ALL of Source Audio’s products) is that it is discontinued; I have a message out to Source Audio to clarify.

I can’t find any in-depth comparisons, so I may have to actually read the owner’s manuals to understand the comparison. Any thoughts on those or others?