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You are too quick for me, @aenlic.  I was going to suggest a Disaster Area MIDI Baby3.  In large part for the footprint, stellar customer service, and (now) because it’s black.  Pretty powerful device for its size, but a bit of a learning curve to program it fully via the online editor.

I did jump on an MC6 Pro not too long ago, and it replaced a lot of real estate I had cobbled together over the years.  Great controller design across the product line, but yeah, that particular one was a little pricey.  My thought was that I was going to get a newer MIDI controller I can grow with, and that checks all the boxes. It didn’t disappoint.

I missed out on getting an H9 Dark.  Yes, they are still available (a fourth seems beyond excessive).  Just try configuring a copper patina-inspired ‘board around an LE Cu H9.  Gorgeous out of the box, although it ages beautifully, too.  Maybe a Rustoleum Crackle treatment on a Pedaltrain?