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Bluetooth disappearing on the H90 is indicative that the Passkey on the H90 does not match the device trying to be linked. Try these steps:

1.On the H90, go into the System menu > Bluetooth and press the 3rd quick knob labeled <forget>. Press again to confirm.
2.On the Mac, go into the Bluetooth prefences. In the Devices list, click the X next to the serial number of the H90. It should prompt you with a box that asks, “Are you sure you want to remove “XC-serial#”. Click Remove.
3.On the H90, turn on Bluetooth by turning the first quick knob in the Bluetooth settings. You should see the blue light turn on.
4. On the Mac, open up H90 Control and click the Bluetooth symbol at the top right. You will see a Bluetooth Configuration pop-up where you’ll see the serial number of your H90. Click “connect.” Immediately, you will see a connection request pop-up where you need to put the passkey that appears on the H90 screen.
5. Once this is complete, you’ll see the icon for your pedal on the Home Screen with a button that says “Connect.” Press this to control your pedal. If you do not see an icon on the Home Screen, click “Add Device” and select it from the Select Port drop-down menu.