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If I remember correctly, the latency is about 2.5 ms for each conversion, so 5 ms without inserts from input to output, and 10 ms with serial insert. It is to much latency for me to use inserts for anything other than parallell processing like reverb and delay.


IIRC the insert latency is only 1.5ms, not 5ms. I doubt anyone can hear or feel that. 1.5ms of latency is not a design flaw. It is the current state of technology.

I’ve used a UAFX amp sim as a series stereo insert for over a year.  That’s about 2.5ms of UAFX latency.  With both sides of the H90 and the insert, I’m pushing 9ms.  Now, I am using headphones, I’m no speed demon, and I won’t add any other digital pedals, but I’m fine with 9ms.  I played an all analog rig (standing more than 9 feet away from my amp) all over New England for years.  I never had a problem with that either.

I believe the OP is experiencing something noticeable.  But, I suspect an errant setting (as suggested above) or some other problem.  I assume he’s inserting an analog drive which would add zero latency, so that’s not it either.