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1. So, I have saved my algorithm choices to the H9 control on my computer. How do I get the saved choices from the H9 control to designated locations on my Es-5?

If you haven’t done so, save the list on H9 Control to your pedal. This way, your effects will be in the order according to your list. Next, the buttons on your ES-5 should be programmed to send Program Change messages (PC). All you need to do is send PC messages for the positions that correspond to the effects on your H9.

Sending PC#0 from ES-5 should recall Preset 1 on H9
Sending PC#1 from ES-5 should recall Preset 2 on H9
Sending PC#2 from ES-5 should recall Preset 3 on H9
and so forth.

2. Do I need the H9 pedal hooked up to the H9 control program and the ES-5 to the pedal?

The ES-5 has nothing to do with the H9 Control software. They can’t communicate. Again, once you’ve created a list on H9 Control, download it to the pedal. Now send PC messages from the ES-5 using the numbers that correspond to the positions on the pedal as described above.

3. I’m assuming the ES-5 can not be hooked up to the H9 control?



4. Do you have to tell the pedal what instrument will be used with it?

The H9 is programmed from factory to have “guitar” as its Source instrument. This setting works well with most content. You should not have to touch this. Unless, you’re connecting a synth or bass, there is no need to adjust this.

5. I have two H9’s that I will be using. How do I differentiate between the two when I save my algorithms to the H9 Control and then onto my ES-5?

H9 Control has nothing to do with your ES-5. If you are referring to saving algorithms onto each individual pedal, understand preset lists are saved to whatever device you create them on. If you want to download a list to either of the two H9’s you have paired to H9 Control, when you click “Save to Pedal” it will ask which pedal you want to save the list to.