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I’m trying to figure out a smooth way to use an external midi device, Morningstar MC6 Pro, to quickly scroll though the H90’s presets. I initially tried using the increment and decrement external midi feature. That works, except that my preset list only has like 55 presets in it. So scrolling through all of the blank presets is tedious. I then tried sending PC messages and using the counter feature in the midi device to automatically increment and decrement the PC message. Problem is I that using PC messages not only cues up the preset, it loads it. This results in extremely slow scrolling through the list and even after I stop pressing the footswitch on the midi device, the H90 continues to slowly load each and every preset.

Is there a way to accomplish what I am trying to achieve with existing features in the H90?

If not, could we either add a way to remove the empty spaces when scrolling through the preset list, or could we add a global option to either cue only or cue and load presets when using PC messages?