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Hello monk303, I’m going to assume your referring to the functionality of the the Space pedal, since you’re using it as your image. Space has 12 different reverb algorithms, most with differing parameter names. The Space manual has an algorithm guide where you can see how the parameters are laid out across the knobs on the front panel. For example, for most reverb algorithms, Decay is self-explanatory, but on the Blackhole algorithm Decay actually functions as the Gravity knob, which is split up into inverse reverb or regular decay reverb ranges; again, it’s best to consult the algorithm guide to learn how to harness the power of each effect. Similarly, for some algorithms the Contour knob is assigned to the Mid-level eq but in others it works as high frequency or resonant filter; again, the algorithm guide is key.

The idea is first you have to choose an algorithm type (an effect type) from the twelve that are available, and then reference that to the guide to see what you’re working with. It’s not possible to change the assignment of a particular algorithm. In other words, you can’t change Gravity to Decay or Mid-level to High-level. You simply work with the parameters of the algorithm you’ve chosen.

The Space manual explains how to surf algorithms from the front panel; turn the black preset knob/encoder. Or, as you search for presets, the front panel indicates which algorithm you’re on.