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To program Freeze on Blackhole, switch to Play mode by holding down the third footswitch for a few seconds. Press and hold the Middle Footswitch (HotSwitch) and turn the Feedback (FX Mix) parameter fully clockwise until you see Freeze on the display. This will be the sound you’ll hear when the HotSwitch RED LED is lit. While in program mode, the HotSwitch LED may flash either GREEN or RED depending on the state of the HotSwitch but it is the RED LED state that is the HotSwitch programmed sound. The GREEN LED indicates that the parameter settings are those of the original Preset values and that the HotSwitch has been programmed and will change the effect when pressed.

Note: You must save the Preset to store the HotSwitch settings.

To clear HotSwitch programming, press and hold the Middle Footswitch (HotSwitch) pressed and press and release the Encoder. The display will show [HOTSW CLEAR]. When HotSwitch programming is cleared, the HotSwitch will have no effect on parameter values and the
HotSwitch LED will be off.